[Repost] 4 Reasons Tonix (TNXP) Could Be A Multi-Bagger

I encountered an interesting article about Tonix Pharmaceuticals (TNXP) from Seeking Alpha. It is astonishing and comprehensive. I just want to share (which I believe) the most sexy point here. (It’s highly recommended to read the whole article instead of just reading my sharing only.)

One should bare in mind that buying TNXP is just like “buying a dream". TNXP is a biotech company and their products are still in development stage. The latest development is, according to the article, “In September, Tonix announced that it had begun enrolling the Phase 2b BESTFIT trial, the first of two essentially identical pivotal studies needed for FDA approval in FM." and “Tonix expects to announce the results of the study in October."

Passing this Phase 2b BESTFIT trial doesn’t mean it can go to market directly and secure a great success, but it is an important procedure before it can go commercial. The author shared a story of the MAP Pharmaceuticals buyout by Allergan Inc (AGN).

After MAP ran its second to last pivotal trial (equivalent to Tonix’s BESTFIT 2b trial running now) they agreed to a development and licensing deal with Allergan that included a $60 million upfront payment and $97 million in milestones. MAP’s stock surged to a $500 million on the news.

After the final trial was run, and months before the FDA ruled on Levadex, Allergan bought out MAP completely, for $958 million."

Based on the author’s estimation, TNXP future product TNX-102 SL could have 2 times the MAP Pharmaceuticals for TNX-102 SL could have the projected revenue doubled of MAP’s one.

Unlike many other articles which also writing for “dreams", this article clearly points out the timeframe. It’s always too easy to talk about mega trend and saying how that stock is benefited but seldom mentions the trigger point.

TNXP is a very very small cap U.S. stock, just about ~40Mil USD. This stock is really small enough to dream big.

(Disclosure: I am long TNXP)


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